About The Cross Legacy

Welcome to The Cross Legacy Shop. Can you imagine only going to the grocery store every 3-4 weeks? That's what I do and that’s what I want to teach you to do too!

In this shop, I provide you with items that will allow you to reduce waste in your home. I want to bring hope back to your kitchen and provide you with items that can help you do that. My eBooks feature tips for over 50 produce items that will allow them to last for weeks, or longer, saving you so much money.

Our merchandise which showcases The Cross Legacy will give you a piece of The Cross Legacy in your home. My hope is that together we can make generational change and that the knowledge that you learn can empower you to do that.

My Strawberries in a Jar hack is what went viral and helped me to grow on social media, so that is why the branded merchandise features my Strawberries in a Jar design.

If you aren’t already, follow us on social media to see all of my newest content. All our links are in the footer of our website. The Cross Legacy is changing how we view food—one produce tip at a time.