Collection: Reusable Grocery Bags

Collection of Muslin and Mesh produce bags filled with produce, beans, nuts, and grains.

The single-use plastic produce and shopping bags used every day at grocery and convenience stores around the world are wreaking havoc on the environment. Did you know these plastic bags can take 10-1,000 years to degrade in a landfill*?

The Cross Legacy is proud to introduce our line of 100% organic cotton, washable and reusable tote bags. The entire line of reusable bags meet the Global Organic Textile Standards, which means the cotton used to make the bags is certified organic and does not use any pesticides, fertilizers, or chemicals.

Choose from our large shopping bag with sleeves to keep your produce (or wine bottles) safely separated, or from our various sizes of mesh and muslin produce bags.

*Source: "How Do We Know Plastic Will Take So Long To Decompose?" by John Staughton, January 22, 2022