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Large Grocery Haul Reusable Bag Set

Large Grocery Haul Reusable Bag Set

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This set of nine reusable bags is perfect for those large grocery trips or trips when you are stocking up on bulk items. The set includes three market tote bags with bottle sleeves, three muslin grocery bags in sizes small, medium, and large, and three mesh grocery bags also in sizes small, medium and large. All nine bags are 100% organic and washable! This is the only set of reusable bags you'll ever need! The smaller bags can also be used around the house for any of your storage or organizing needs.


• 100% Natural Cotton

• Certified Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS)

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Market Tote Bag:

• Bag is: 13" W x 14" H x 8" D

• Straps are: 1.5" W x 24" D

Mesh and Muslin Grocery Bags:

• Small: 8" x 10"

• Medium: 10" x 12"

• Large: 12" x 15"

• XL: 14" x 18"

Care Instructions

 • Machine wash in cold water with like colors and lay flat to dry.

 • Note: After the first few washes, the bag may have shrunk, even when not machine dried. If this happens, simply pull on the fabric in either direction while the bag is still wet, then let it air dry flat. The bag will permanently shrink about one inch in height and three-quarters of an inch in width.

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