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'I Bought It, Now What? Summer Edition' eBook Download

'I Bought It, Now What? Summer Edition' eBook Download

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Written in the same format as Amy's first book, you will find answers on how to buy, clean, and store your favorite summer fruits and veggies in the I Bought It, Now What? Summer Edition eBook download. Garden produce, stone fruits, and herbs are also provided. You will even find a couple recipes for using your garden fresh or farmer’s market produce included.

Amy discusses her three-week grocery shopping cycle and growing your own food. Section IV reviews the importance of glass storage and the different sizes and types of jars available; as well as the type of vinegar to use and the timing of the vinegar bath.

If you love visuals and graphics, perhaps Section VII will be your favorite. It is full of colorful charts and graphics to make washing your produce The Cross Legacy way a breeze!

Our eBooks are available as a PDF download, so they can be viewed on your mobile device, computer, or printed to create a book to use in your kitchen.

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Fruits Included in the 'Summer Edition' eBook


Vegetables Included in the 'Summer Edition' eBook


Herbs Included in the 'Summer Edition' eBook


Recipes Included in the 'Summer Edition' eBook

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