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The Cross Legacy eBooks Available as a PDF Download

In my first book,Β I Bought It, Now What?Β you will find answers on how to buy, clean, and store the top 25 most requested fruits and vegetables. From avocados to potatoes, berries to cucumbers, and many others in between; this book will help you extend the life of your produce by making it last longer.Β 

My second book,Β I Bought It, Now What? Summer Edition, features your favorite summer fruits, vegetables, and herbs. I also included a few recipes so you don’t waste any of your farm-fresh produce.

The Fall Edition of my eBook series, I Bought It, Now What? Fall Edition, is now available! This edition includes 25 of your fall favorites from Acorn Squash to Turnips.

Purchase my I Bought It, Now What? eBook series to get all 75 produce items and save even more!